pushing past the sweet spot

255297872597637378_MqYCC7nH_ba new year. a new beginning. a new state of mind. a fresh perspective…so excited to be on the dawn of a new year and really feeling it deep in my bones.  if you’ve been reading along with me…you know that 2012 was my year of getting back to self…my year of being slightly-withdrawn, stubbornly-single, and 100% committed to internal discovery/re-covery…at times it was brutal (it’s not normal for me to shy away from social distraction)…at times it was joyful (hindsight is always 20/20)…overall, looking back, i am entirely grateful for the time i was given to delve into myself.  i have realized my worth and have found a new strength that is both within and without self-concept.  i have gained deep friendships through heartfelt discussions and have let go of those that were superficial…my wolf-pack has never felt tighter and it is amazing to know that i have a core group of people that support, love and know me. 2012…thank you and good riddance.

handstandwelcome 2013.  the year of going past the sweet spot:  i decided to devote this year to blasting through the pain barrier.  i’ve been reading a lot about ultra-endurance lately and am beyond inspired by the spiritual experiences these athletes have in the midst of intense challenges.  in rich roll’s book finding ultra he describes completing 5 ironman length races on the five hawaiian islands within a week at 45 years of age (what??!!).  during moments of complete breakdown of both body and mind he continues with a strength that is outside of his own…the path his mind takes and the way he describes his journey is fascinating.  it brings me back to a moment shared with an amazing yoga teacher of mine (megan currie) who, during one of her particularly challenging / crazy / wacky / humbling / sweaty power classes, confided that the elusive sweet spot (that place where fear is blasted and you break through to boundless bliss) is just beyond where you think you can’t go any further…and so, 2013 is devoted to going beyond the sweet spot.

rockstarlooking back on my life…i’ve had it pretty sweet…more accurately, the sweet spot is where (for the most part) i reside…and it’s pretty damn good…but it’s also pretty damn easy.  life has given me many gifts that all lead to a life of ease: i’m ok looking, got a good brain, never had any money woes, was born in canada, am witty enough to have people around, play instruments, have travelled a lot, gotten a university degree…but all of this (all of this) has been attained with little to no effort.  all basically placed on my plate to enjoy…lucky me – no complaints here…life is good…but i know deep in my soul that i am not a woman that settles for “good enough”…….nope – not my style.  maybe if i could i would be able to just “settle down, have kids and work a full-time job with a pension” – but (much to the dismay of many) thinking of a life defined by these constraints makes my skin crawl…i yearn for something much more than external displays of success…i yearn for bliss that is only found when passion and purpose unite.  therefore, this year…is the year it all changes.  no more riding on the coat tails of my good fortune…time to really push it and see what i can achieve when i blast through some goals that scare the shit out of me and require me to put in some serious effort.

so far…these goals freak me out and pump me up…

running the inca trail marathon in june

beginning (and personally funding without government assistance) my masters in positive psychology at the university of east london (september)

completing my 500-hr yoga teacher training and teaching for a studio in london

eating a healthy plant-powered diet and living vibrantly as a result

diving into love and being open to the possibility of a soul-mate

stay tuned…there will be more to come on my mission to blast the sweetness…

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One Response to pushing past the sweet spot

  1. Cyndi says:

    Sounds like some great adventures for 2013! Wow, I’m even feeling inspired!

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