Imagelife is funny…and pretty amazing…in fact, it’s frikken boggling my mind lately how magical the world is.  as soon as we open our eyes…the world provides…serendipitous occasions?/magic realized?/energies aligned?…whatever the reason may be, i can’t help noticing these synchronicities and being open to them has made my world pretty awesome as of late.

as a few of you know…i’m reading the book “may cause miracles” by gabrielle bernstein…contained within this book is forty days of opening your soul to a more positive, miraculous way of interacting with yourself and your world and each day provides the reader with exercises, journalling and a daily mantra.  

Imagemy mantra for the day? i am grateful for this moment.  all day long i’ve expressed gratitude to the point of being a little toooo appreciative and borderline crazy-person happy (it’s a fine-line).  a lot of gratitude that i created through my general stoke on life and some expressions of gratitude that just smacked me in the face…for example…today i began a new job in an office. one of my duties today was hanging a collaboration poster made the previous night by a local community group.  the poster was titled “I am grateful for…” and expressed their individual gratitude in an artistic way.  my fav had to be “I am grateful for the colour yellow and pumpkin pie” (awesome!)

even tonight…i came to blog…i opened my messages and have discovered that i have been nominated for the 2013 very inspirational blogger award!!  what??!!  wow…so grateful that a fellow blogger (Healthy A-Z) went out of her way to nominate me! 

Imageas part of this nomination i’ve been asked to nominate fellow bloggers and disclose 7 things about myself that you may not know (which may be tough…i’m pretty open on here…eeek)

(1) i play the piano (rachmaninoff, chopin, beethoven, liszt…all the tortured romantics). (2) i love being warm and can never seem to warm my toes, therefore, cozy socks, wood fires and tropical destinations rock my world. (3) i have a green thumb and name my plants. (4) i get bashful when i think someone is cute…my friends laugh at me for this because it’s very opposite to how i am with people…i’m like that kid in elementary school who gets all quiet around the one person they like…embarrassing…i’m working on it (5) i loooooooove steamed brussel sprouts…they look like little brains and they are frikken delicious!!! (6) my two most favourite karaoke songs are “i need a hero” by bonnie tyler and “i wanna dance with somebody” by whitney (7) i have really vivid dreams…some of my favourite have been ones where i am an incredibly talented athlete pulling borderline superhero-like stunts.

here are a few blogs i think are pretty darn awesome: Healthy A-Z, CandyCoatedReality, SuryaFlow, Vitamin Ceej, Sharing is Caring, 40-Day Sadhana, Oli Maughan.    

So…the gratitude continues…a practice for the day…an awareness for life.  I am incredibly grateful for all of the gifts today has given me and look forward to sharing this love right back with the world tomorrow.  

Big love – A


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2 Responses to honoured

  1. Healthy A-Z says:

    Your gratitude attitude and enthusiasm is really inspiring. And I love synchronicities. Here’s another one. I love your Rumi quote. I actually posted it as my status this week on my personal Facebook page. Thanks for the love! Cyndi

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