the magic of the world

well…it’s been a freakin looooooong time since i’ve written anything.  as always my mind whirls and for the past couple weeks i’ve been meaning to write something…i suppose i was waiting for this moment.  this magic moment.


my inner circle (the ones that know my soul) know that i believe in magic.  this tightly held belief is not an “alli fun fact” that i share with everyone cause honestly…it freaks people out a bit.  but flash back to any night where a couple of glasses of vino are on the table and you can rest assured that my “magic of the world” speech is out with reckless abandon.

now i’m not talking about the david copperfield, rabbits in hats, slight-of-the-hand type magic…nope…i’m talking about things happening in life that just can’t be explained…like thinking of someone and they call, like dreaming of a situation and it occurs…like a mix of synchronicity and manifestation but not in such big words…there is no rhyme of reason for it…but i dig it…not only do i dig it…i get simultaneously freaked out and pumped up when it happens…because…its radical…and unprecedented…and sneaky.

tonight has proven to revive my faith in magic and the general good order that sustains the world.  in a funny turn of events my plans for this beautiful evening shifted and left me deep into my sunday with not much going.  coupled with this, my life in the past week has thrown me a few curve balls that have seen me learning a lot about staying strong and keeping faith in the good when people are not showing their best.

5pm sunday…absorbing more of my “learning”, working hard to keep a clear mind and…phone call…a shift of energy…and sunday begins to impress me with dinns and good company.

about an hour into dinns and (surprise, surprise…) we are deep into chit chats.  topics on the table? nature, resilience, the human form and yes…magic in the form of miracles.  eventually the conversation moves to a discussion on miracle mindset and books that are moving us towards this…i’m coming to the end of a great book by gabrielle bernstein that gives a snap-shot of some guiding principles pulled from a course in miracles.

for a long while i have been intrigued by a course in miracles…i have been to the book store a few times…holding the course, wondering about it and curious as to (a) it’s gargantuan size and (b) whether my interest warrants getting into such a heavy text…my company was not aware of this…and here comes a little magic…

tonight as we chatted about miracles my amazing company mentioned that she had been gifted this book called a course in miracles years ago and…though she was unsure where it might be in her house…she had never read it and was convinced that this book should be re-gifted to me.

what? definitely magic.

upon arrival at her place a course in miracles is not in our minds anymore.  until it’s literally right in front of us…without mention, the book is passed on.  magic? yet to be determined.

so…now begins my journey into miracles.  i’ll be sure to write lots along the way…i’m sensing a lot of magic…which means i’m kinda freaked out…and kinda pumped.  and there is at least one of my closest friends out there who is reading this and kNoWs that next time we get together i’m going to be a little too excited about the MagiC of the WoRLd!!!!!!  

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2 Responses to the magic of the world

  1. Healthy A-Z says:

    Oh, wow!!! I love this…especially as relates to A Course in Miracles. I read/did the course several years ago. There are some explanations in it that are beautifully worded. I really like the section that describes how a “teacher” spends their day. It is exactly my way of being, and many of those close to me don’t understand my way of being, so this particularly spoke to my heart. Your “magic” is what the course refers to as “miracles.”

    Magic…miracles…synchronicity…serendipity…beautiful expressions of life!! Enjoy it all!!

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