what is grace?


grace = riding the chaos with a smile on your face.

was reading a post from a yogi i look up to…she never ceases to amaze me…not only is her practice incredibly inspired, but her way of walking in this world is so joyous and curious and raw.  she posted something today that referenced the chaos of the world and how it truly is out of our control.  i think a lot about the state of the world and “fixing” everything inside of me/within my circle of influence so that i can transcend my surroundings to live in a place of calm…but this has largely consisted of me struggling day in/day out with the task of transformation…even reading this i am laughing at this struggle and realizing it’s pretty damn big of me to think that i have any control over any of it aside from what’s going on in my own head.

reminder: enjoy the ride…life is not going to happen again in this way…ever…this moment is unique and the best we can all do is smile, ride the wave and get into this life with all it’s quirks.  it’s never going to be perfect but it is going to be surprising, wild, frustrating, awesome, funny, sad, miraculous and a whole myriad of other things…the moment we are able to fully internalize that it is out of our control is the moment we are free to ride this wild wave and accept it for what it is.  uncontrollable chaos…and our best defence? surrender.

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5 Responses to what is grace?

  1. Healthy A-Z says:

    “Enjoy the ride…ride the wave…surrender” I like this! I find the more accepting I am of what is, the more peaceful I am. And ‘chaos” just doesn’t seem to touch me or be part of my experience. Life IS an adventure, isn’t it?

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