enhancing or numbing…



stop. feel. get deep into what’s going on right now in your body and your mind. is it scary? stick with it. is it funny? laugh out loud. whatever emotional experience you are having…dig deeper.

life is a wild thing and our reaction to it is what separates us.  emotions are incredible and our ability to feel and react, to experience and create is absolutely fascinating…

images-1all of us…each and every human being on this plant is having an emotional response to their surroundings and because of these emotions within us we are responding in a multitude of ways…we are dancing, running, doing yoga, painting, eating, drinking, driving motor bikes, skydiving, making music, gardening, etc…

the thing that separates us is the why.

why are we doing what we are doing? is it enhancing our experience or…are we numbing our creativity?  are we going to the gym to feel more in tune with our bodies or are we addicted to a routine/ideal that stunts our individuality? are we fuelling our bodies with food that will enhance our experience or are we stuffing our faces to avoid real emotion?  are we being artistic to share our passion or are we trying boost our ego amongst an elite community?

two very different ways of responding to our emotional experience making for two very distinctive ways of being in the world.



(1) a response that stunts our individuality and emotional depth reaps negative result (numbing).  when we achieve goals they are shallow…if our actions are numbing our soul, we are unsatisfied because we have lost touch with our inner emotional awareness and the need to creatively express our individuality.  our actions become manic and need approval for validation.

images(2) a response that expands our experience encourages creativity and brings us closer to knowing ourselves (enhancing).  we are satisfied because in this state we are expressing true individuality.  there is no need for approval.  in this state of response something comes from deep within that is completely unique and casts away the expectant sheath of the world to reveal a confident /tortured /creative /wild /surprising /real human being.

food for thought…


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2 Responses to enhancing or numbing…

  1. Healthy A-Z says:

    Very insightful! And in my humble opinion…brilliant!

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